Khumbu Ramba

Explore Nepal's famous Mt. Everest region, the Khumbu

Captivating explorers and travellers since time immemorable, the Khumbu region in Nepal is where the highest mountain on the planet, Mt. Everest calls home, along with the Sherpa peoples of the area who are famous for their hospitality, braveness and friendliness. The Khumbu is where dreams transform into reality for many outsiders who long to walk beside the mighty Himalayas. 


Over the past few decades, however, the region has undergone a dramatic change from increasing tourist traffic. In 2016 alone, over 37 thousand tourists passed through on trekking trips with the number increasing year-by-year. Not surprisingly, the Khumbu is now the wealthiest region in Nepal where it even outpaces the capital city, Kathmandu. 


More people comes more money, and with money comes commercialisation. This reputation is not without reason with many saying the Khumbu has lost its charm with all the bakeries, Irish pubs, foreign foods and WiFi all catered towards those seeking adventure with comfort. These days it's not uncommon to see people scrolling their social media in lodges with snowcapped peaks all around them. 


Despite this, one can still go deeper into this region without succumbing to the comforts of the city. Wilderness and unimaginable beauty will never be fully replaced, and you don't have to venture far or undergo super-human effort to discover this. The Khumbu is still a region rich in all that captivated those that came before, to discover this you just have to look harder and wake up earlier.  

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