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For me, interest in the world began early while together with my parents as they travel wrote their way across the globe as founding authors at Lonely Planet. 


Continuing this journey, I have lived and worked across the Asia Pacific region for almost nine years. This interaction with the world and its people put me in a unique position to contribute to some of the most pertinent issues of our time such as climate change through documentary photography and photojournalism. Furthering this dialogue through creative mediums is my life's work. 


Work has been published and commissioned by international publications, corporations, books, NGOs and exhibited in multiple galleries. Photo stories and single images have been shortlisted for multiple grants and recognised as finalists in dozens of international competitions. In 2022, I was part of the team that won The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) award for Excellence in Human Rights Reporting.

In 2021, Our Dark Materials: Black Carbon & the Himalayas was published. It is a four year documentary project on black carbon's impact on the Himalayan glaciers, water security and public health in India.

Contact Me

Contact me via email for anything related to my work including commissions, content usage, prints etc.

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