Limited Edition Prints

For the first time, limited edition prints of my work, are available. 

Released as an edition of only 30 printed at 42x63cm

About the imagePhotographed on the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati, the mangrove trees were planted to protect the island nations shoreline against erosion from sea level rise. These natural barriers are part of Kiribati's climate change adaptation programs of which I photographed while documenting climate change's impacts on the Pacific Islands. 

Your artwork is printed by bespoke printers in South Korea that specialise with archival quality paper and ink. Each print is numbered and signed, along with a personal thank you note from me to you. Choose from a signature on the front or back.

Price: USD$399.99

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are available and can be found in the gallery here. Each print is signed by me, on either the front or back. 

These are printed at 42x63cm

About the images (from top left): 

  1. Tibetan woman holds her prayer wheel in between Chinese characters.

  2. A man in Kumik, Zanskar Valley, India turns over livestock fodder being dried in the sun.

  3. A lone horse walking back home in the Khumbu region, Nepal. 

  4. Burning from beneath, a coal seam fire rises through a crack in the ground of what was once a village.


Price: USD$199.99

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