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Pilgrimage to Nowhere

A three year journey through Asia and the Pacific

There are profound moments in everyone's lives - each of them unique. For me, though, this moment came over three years from 2012 - 2015.


I lived on the move across Asia and the Pacific islands on what I consider a pilgrimage to nowhere. It was simply an exploration of the world and my place inside the chaos of a stunningly beautiful place.


The journey was not entirely out of the ordinary for me. Before this, I had piecemeal travel stints across the world. But this step-by-step journey, mostly done overland, monumentally shifted my life. It shaped my thinking, how I interact with cultures, and influenced where I find myself today. The main takeaway, however, was the realisation of how small I am.


The three years were also incidentally the first years where I discovered photography through a long process of trial and error. The images below are the archival lot that was part of this pilgrimage to nowhere. 

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