Climate Change

Climate change is the largest existential threat to civilisation, as we know it. For tens of thousands of years humans and our animal kin have enjoyed a relatively stable climate, which has largely been responsible for our development. 

However, this progress has come at a significant cost due to the rise in carbon emissions that fuel our industrial fire: a complete disruption to the Earth’s many systems that provide our water and food to the nutrients in the soils. These threats are impacting us all, especially the world's poor. However, as climate change intensifies there it will be increasingly difficult to find shelter from the storm for all of us. Not enough is being done on climate change on all level's of government, industrial, and economic policy. 

Over many years I have been accumulating climate-related stories from across the Asia and the Pacific Islands. Here, you will find select single images. Many of these images require a reading of the accompanying captions, which can be long to provide context. They are best viewed on a computer.