My interest in the world started early. I am the son of intrepid travellers, Geoff and Hyungpun Crowther. From writing the infamous BIT Guides that helped hippies travel overland from Europe to Asia and being founding writers at Lonely Planet for decades, my parents and I were everywhere.

Over nine years, I have worked across Asia and the Pacific. This interaction with the world has placed me in a unique position to contribute to the global conversation on important issues such as climate change and social development. Continuing this dialogue through photography is my life's goal.

Work has been published and commissioned by international publications, books, NGO's and exhibited in galleries across Europe, Australia, and the USA. I am a member of the @everydayclimatechange photographer group. Educationally, I hold a bachelors degree in environmental science and a Masters degree in environmental education.

Currently based in South Korea and available for assignments worldwide.

E: hello@ashleycrowther.org
W: +821065921966 (WhatsApp)

Selected Exhibits

Natural History Museum 2018 - Verona, Italy.
Trongate-103 Gallery 2018 - Glasglow, Scotland. 
HeadOn Photo Festival 2018 - Sydney, Australia.
Natural History Museum 2018 - Milan, Italy
Lugano Photo Days 2017 - Lugano, Switzerland
International Forum on Food and Nutrition 2017 - Parma, Italy
HeadOn Photo Festival 2017 - Sydney, Australia
Objectifs Gallery 2017 - Singapore, Singapore
Noorderlicht Gallery 2016 - Groningen, The Netherlands
Photoville 2015 - New York, New York
Palazzo delle Stelline 2015 - Milan, Italy

Ashley Crowther

Ashley Crowther is an Australian documentary photographer focusing on environmental, social, and climate-related issues throughout Asia.
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